Magazine Mentions

Teen Vogue (USA) (February 23, 2017) about masturbation

The Educator (Australia) (January 13, 2017) about school uniforms

Girlfriend (Australia) (October, 2016) about menstruation

The Spectator (Australia) (August 20, 2016) about trigger warnings

Catalogue (Australia) (August 3, 2016) about revenge porn

Cleo (Australia) (August, 2015) about sexual health

Elle (Australia) (July, 2015) about friendships and relationships

Cosmopolitan (Australia) (March, 2014) about sexism

Australian Women’s Weekly (Australia) (June, 2013) about women hating women

Missy (Germany) (February, 2013) about menstruation.

Dolly (Australia) (January, 2013) about sexism.

Farrago “From Rags to Riches” (3 September, 2012) about menstruation

Herizons “The Unfaithful Feminist” (Summer, 2011) about infidelity

ScreenPrint “Superheroes!” (August, 2011) about the popularity of superheroes

Penthouse (Australia), “Paid to get laid” – comments on prostitution (January, 2011) 

Forbes Magazine (US), “Winona Ryder At The ‘Age I’ve Been Warned My Whole Life About” – comments about older women in advertising (16 December, 2010)

The Week (US), “Calvin Klein’s controversial ‘rape’ ad – comments on banned Calvin Klein billoard (26 October, 2010)  

Australian Women’s Health, “Red-Hot Sex Lessons” – comments on sexuality, pornography and intimacy (May, 2010)

Quadrant (Australia), “The Pornification of Girlhood” – about portrayals of women in outdoor advertising (July, 2008)