All Google-eyed looking for love

Article by Lachlan Hastings /
MX /
October 25, 2012 /
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LOVE-seekers are pulling the pin on first dates after being shocked by the results of googling would-be suitors.

New US research reveals many singles are changing their minds after a pre-date googling session.

Some searches lead to name-and-shame site ReportYourEx. com, which earlier this week had published details of an Australian man labelled as “controlling” and “manipulative” and “abusive”.

A Harris Interactive survey of 2750 US adults has found almost half (43 per cent) had conducted a search for an ex, their current partner or potential mate.

Of those who had googled someone when considering a first date, almost half (48 per cent) said they’d cancelled after finding something untoward.

Melbourne psychologist Dr Janet Hall said googling a recent conquest wasn’t a bad idea.

“The seeker … can look for patterns in the new prospect, which might press their buttons and therefore choose not to pursue the person because there would be too much drama,” Hall said.

Social scientist Dr Lauren Rosewarne said people who looked online were probably trying to confirm suspicions.

“There is that assumption now that everyone should have some sort of presence online and suspicions are raised if you don’t,” the University of Melbourne senior lecturer said.

“Why wouldn’t you do it?’ is a more common sentiment than `Should I really be sticky-beaking in their past?’.’