Aussie men need Spanish spice

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September 30, 2009 /
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THEY might be seen as buff, sporty and laid back, but Aussie blokes are not leading the way in the sex stakes, ranked seventh on a list of world’s best lovers.

Sultry Spaniards topped the list, based onthe sexual experiences of 15,000 women.

German men were voted the world’s worst lovers because of their poor hygiene. English blokes made women do all the work, Swedish men were too quick to finish, Dutchmen too rough and Americans too domineering.

Brazilians were considered the second best lovers, while Italian stallions were third.

Global research website asked women from 20 countries to rate nations on their talent in the bedroom and explain their reasons.

Melbourne University sex and gender expert Dr Lauren Rosewarne said people generally lied about their experiences.

“I suspect the vast majority, unless people are residing in backpacker hostels, that it’s unlikely they’ve had the United Nations of sex,” she said.

Gold Coast-based sex and relationships expert Dr Gabrielle Morrissey said Australian men could always improve in the bedroom.

“They often seem on the surface that they’re quite flirtatious and friendly and sexy and seductive, but in actuality a lot of people are dissatisfied,” she said.

The world of love

Worst lovers (and why)

1 Germany (too smelly)

2 England (too lazy)

3 Sweden (too quick)

4 Holland (too dominating)

5 America (too rough)

6 Greece (too lovey-dovey)

7 Wales (too selfish)

8 Scotland (too loud)

9 Turkey (too sweaty)

10 Russia (too hairy

Best lovers

1 Spain

2 Brazil

3 Italy

4 France

5 Ireland

6 South Africa


8 New Zealand

9 Denmark

10 Canada