Australia, we hate to say this but we are in the midst of an avocado shortage!

Article by Gemma Prendergast /
Nova 96.9 /
January 23, 2016 /
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Hipsters and mums alike are going to be devastated by this news. It may be time to say goodbye to the humble smashed avocado on toast. Australia, we are officially in the midst of an avocado shortage.

We are going to dub it the Great Avocado Shortage of 2016 because soon your beloved avo smash could be stripped from the menu of your favourite brunch sport.

Avocados Australia chief executive John Tyas said, “Currently we don’t have the supply for the demand. In the last decade people have started to realise it’s a superfood and in summer especially they are harder to come by. People want to use them in their salads and it’s a food that cannot easily be substituted.”

Melbourne University’s pop-culture expert Lauren Rosewarne said, “Cafes are either going to hike their prices for the holy grail avocados they manage to find or not have them at all.”

Also here’s a fun avocado fact for your Saturday: On average an Australian will eat 3.2 kilograms of avocado every year. Oh, and in case your wondering here is how you should actually cut an avocado!

It’s okay team, we got through the banana crisis we can get through the Great Avocado Shortage of 2016.