Bligh popular going down a storm

Article by Inga Gilchrist /
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February 03, 2011 /
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Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has emerged as the warrior princess of social media.

Twitter and Facebook are rippling with posts that praise Bligh’s leadership during the north’s natural disasters.

Social media analysts agree that the twitterverse is rallying to her battle cry.

The hashtags #women and #leader have regularly cropped up in tweets that glow with reverence for Bligh’s earthy style.

University of Melbourne political science lecturer Dr Lauren Rosewarne said Bligh had attracted fans thanks to her accessibility.

When people are suffering, you don’t want polish, you want someone in real life like your neighbour.

“She (Bligh) was often seen in, god forbid, a windcheater as if she had gone out and got messed up.”

Those focused on 140 characters like leaders who also kept it brief, said Deakin University communication lecturer Ross Monaghan.

Bligh proved herself a natural heroine for posts and tweets, Monaghan said.

“It’s all about being a clear communicator and good communicators can get their message across clearly and succinctly,” he said.

Some examples of what was posted included:

UK tweeter samanthallen: “Impressed by Anna Bligh. Queensland our thoughts are with you as you face cyclone Yasi.”

MRJK said: “Anna Bligh has gone from villain to hero in under 2 mths.”

Facebooker Kerry Izod’s comment “what a warrior of a woman” reflected the tone of many. Another, Amelita Flores, said: “When I think of leadership, I will think of you.”