‘BTW women please PLEASE shave your armpits I nearly puked’: ANOTHER young Liberal from elite Melbourne university posts sexist and misogynist remarks on social media

Article by Lucy Thackray /
Daily Mail /
August 12, 2012 /
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Controversy continues for the Liberal party, with the exposure of yet another sexist and homophobic rant from member of Liberal parties on social media – the third incident in the past week.

Tim Dark, 22, an Arts student and the vice-president of Swinburne University Liberal Club in Melbourne, was forced to resign after a rant he made on Facebook was made public.

The comments referred to homosexuals as ‘f*****s’, questioned the gender of ‘butchy lesbians’ and critcised gay marriage for ‘ruining’ the social fabric of Australia.

The Liberal party has already been criticised for two separate incidents in the last week, in which social media was used by their party members to write offensive, misogynistic comments.
On the Swinburne University Liberal Club Facebook page, people are calling for an apology from the club for the statements by the disgraced former vice president.

‘Are butchy lesbians considered women?’ Mr Dark wrote in a post from 13 October, 2013.

Mr Dark defends his position in another post.

‘If people had thrown logical arguments forward to begin with it would have been different and I’m not fascist because if that were true then i (sic) would want all homosexuals dead. Not that they serve any real purpose anyway,’ Mr Dark posted.

Dark critcises gay marriage, saying ‘I like the current social fabric of Australia and see no logical reason as to why this should be ruined.’

Mr Dark also launches a bizarre rant about women with hairy underarms.

Mr Dark comments that homosexuality is a ‘lifestyle choice’, stating that lesbians are misandrists and gay men are misogynistic.

On Monday, Mr Dark apologised for his comments and stepped down from his position with the club. According to LinkedIn, he is also the vice president for the Keysborough branch of the Liberal party.

In a statement, Mr Dark said, ‘I sincerely apologise for any offence that I may have caused. Any comments were off the cuff remarks which were not to be taken seriously,’ according to The Age.

The latest controversy come after student members of the Melbourne University Liberal Club were revealed to be behind a series of sexist and racist social media comments. The offensive posts have been branded ‘disturbing’ by a senior lecturer at the university.

The comments are said to have been made by the treasurer and vice president of the Liberal Club.

Fairfax alleges that in a comment made in January, the group’s vice president described a venue as ‘worth a visit’ before saying the bar had ‘lots of sluts’, adding: ‘get some sluts for me’ in another post.

According to Fairfax, the treasurer of the Liberal Club also sent derogatory posts, in which he allegedly said ‘Just be careful of those mussrats. A lot of them are [a] bunch of Third World degenerate c***s.’ when referring to Muslim people.

Further comments from the same person describe academic and high-profile feminist Germaine Greer as a ‘lying f***ing c*m guzzling slut … and a union member’ adding: ”She doesn’t believe in God. No kids not married … what do you [e]xpect from a melb uni educated former socialist c***,’.

Dr Lauren Rosewarne, a senior lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, told Daily Mail Australia ‘It’s distressing that any students would make these comments. This is disturbing.’

Politician often attend events organised by political university clubs, according to Dr Rosewarne, in order to boost membership as well as their own profiles.

‘New talent comes from them, so it is a breeding ground for new candidates,’ she said.

When asked if she believed the crude comments were damaging to the Liberal Party, Dr Rosewarne said there was some distance between the two groups despite them being heavily involved.

‘Because it’s not a liberal party candidate or a member of parliament, the Liberal Party head office gets to put a distance between itself and the university club,’ Dr Rosewarne said.

‘Although it does have affiliations with the university club, it’s unrealistic to expect them to be able to control what their party members – rather than their candidates – say or do, or even when students go rogue on social media.

‘But they can disendorse the club.’

She added: ‘Even candidates themselves can’t be controlled on social media – that’s why they have media teams and press releases.’

The comments come only a few days after the resignation of two Liberal Party candidates, Jack Lyons and Aaron Lane.

Mr Lyons was revealed to have made dozens of racist and sexist posts on social media while Mr Lane was found to have repeatedly used homophobic language on his own social media pages.

Daily Mail approached the Melbourne University Liberal Club’s president for a comment but are yet to receive a response.