Controversy over alleged misogyny from Wikipedia

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March 07, 2016 /
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Of the total number of biographies available to Wikipedia, “the free content encyclopedia that everyone can edit”, in 2015 only 16% corresponded to women, revealing the strength of female voices.

In addition, from 2010 to 2013 only grew by three percentage points, from 13 to 16%, the percentage of publishers who contribute to Wikipedia and identify themselves as women.

That men produce the lion’s share of content perpetuates male domination of public space and makes them remain the authority on issues, says Lauren Rosewarne, lecturer at the School of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

However, there are a number of reasons why women stay away from contributions to Wikipedia, such as their unfriendly interface, lack of self-confidence and dislike of the site’s culture, said Sue Gardner, former executive director of the Wikepedia Foundation .

The editing of the entries to this free encyclopedia often demands a strong discussion with others about the changes that are made, which many women find difficult, including myself, explains a site editor to the Australia Broadscasting Corporation (ABC).

And Gardner adds that many women do not participate in Wikipedia because the information with which they contribute is likely to be modified or erased by the prevailing misogynous atmosphere. According to Gardner, the inside of Wikipedia is representative of the sexist experience that a woman lives in the real world everyday.