The dinner party of my dreams!

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November 07, 2013 /
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1. Serena Ryder

I’ve been an uber-fan of Serena Ryder since first hearing her perform at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in 2005. Her music has assisted me through breakdowns, breakups and breakthroughs; it gave me solace during my time on the streets and has provided me with countless moments of happiness and inspiration. Having witnessed her wit and raconteuring skills during live performances, I would definitely wish to spend a few hours in her company at a dinner party.

2. Charles de Lint

Like the music of Serena Ryder, de Lint’s writing has been a source of companionship, inspiration and hope for longer than I’d care to remember. Even before you take into account my love of his work, his skills as a musician, storyteller and folklorist would score an invite to the dinner party of my dreams.

3. Joss Whedon

C’mon, who wouldn’t want this creative genius at their dinner party?

4. Marius Romme

5. Sandra Escher
Marius Romme and Sandra Escher are the people responsible for the Hearing Voices Movement. Not only would their inclusion on the guest list provide people with the opportunity to learn about this most stereotyped of issues, but their presence would make my own people exceedingly happy!

6. Karen Gillan

I haven’t included Karen just because she’s super-beautiful. I’ve included her because (a) Meadhbh has a bit of a crush on her and (b) she hails from Inverness. Thus, whilst Meadhbh swoons all over her, I could share anecdotes of this great city whilst sharing a slice of chocolate gateaux.

7. Rory Macdonald

8. Calum Macdonald

Rory and Calum Macdonald, two brothers from the Isle of Lewis, are the founding members and songwriters of the greatest band in the known universe; Runrig. Like Serena Ryder, Runrig’s music has been the soundtrack to some of the highest highs and lowest lows of my life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without their music, I would probably be a dead man.

9. David Tennant

C’mon, who wouldn’t invite the hottest man in the world to their dinner party?

10. Lauren Rosewarne

Lauren Rosewarne is an Australian writer and academic. Her regular column on The Conversation, which focuses on issues prevalent in popular culture, is intelligent, inspired, hilarious and poignant. All attributes that could turn any dinner party into the most memorable of evenings.

11. Dr. Russ Harris

Dr. Russ Harris is not just a super-practitioner of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, but a successful stand-up comedian. Thus, his invite would not only help people with their emotional strife but provide them with a few belly laughs in the process.

12. Tim Burton

Given my interest in film-making, if I were to throw the dinner party of my dreams there would need to be at least one director on the guest list. As Alfred Hitchcock is deceased, and thus sadly unable to attend, Tim Burton would easily be my second choice because of his incredible style and imagination.

13. Mark Schwan

An odd choice, I’ll grant you, but considering One Tree Hill (which he created) saved my life, I would very much like the chance to thank him – as well as bombard him with questions about my most favourite of guilty pleasures.