Doesn’t it make you cringe

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Farming Ahead of the Curve /
August 28, 2013 /
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I am not a women’s libber and I cant remember ever finding myself in a situation where I believe I have been treated unfairly because off my sex but this article in The Conversation by Lauren Rosewarne which I have reprinted below really resonated with me.

I am tired of politicians treating us all like fools. If its not Sunday, I am a good person because I am a Christian interviews outside a church, its the gorgeous family being trotted out to massage their bits and pieces the public don’t admire. All it does is turn me off them more.

Please give me someone ‘real’ to vote for. Someone with genuine policies that educate our children, provide health care par excellence, supports and invests in innovation in all sectors, acknowledges the fundamental role of agriculture in the nation’s health, wealth and happiness and will make our great nation greater

Read the article and see if like me you want to give a bit of a cheer and a “Well said Lauren ….’