Episode 99 – 7 June 2017

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June 07, 2017 /
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In episode 99 we look at the latest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom.

We discuss the statement by the British Prime Minister and the responses around the world. An article from The Guardian proves that The Guardian has lost touch with reality. In The Conversation, Bill Durodie suggests that rather than being united in horror and mourning we should focus on becoming united in purpose. He looks at the demands by the Prime Minister for internet and social media censorship and policing but notes the fact that if you or I were to troll through as many jihadist websites as we could find we would still not turn into the morally bankrupt murderers that are committing these atrocities. He also castigates the Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner for suggesting that British society could turn on the Muslim community in some sort of pogrom which is insulting to the civility of British people.

Kenan Malik notes that censorship will not work, that there was a police failure as these terrorists were known to police and that if Theresa May wants to confront uncomfortable questions she needs to address the involvement of Saudi Arabia in funding Wahhabism.

The Pope and the Archbishop of Westminster are providing their usual assistance in the form of prayers.
Richard King describes virtue signalling as a trickle down model of social change which is as ineffective as trickle down economics.

Lauren Rosewarne in an article in The Conversation criticises a fellow academic who had the temerity to call for the end of Islam and suggested that the university that employs him should consider whether that is still a good idea. She demonstrates that the left is not nearly as tolerant as it likes to think that it is and diversity is fine so long as that is not diversity of opinion.

We look at Andrew Robb and the topic of political donations and the latest opinion surveys from the Essential Report. We suggest that the foul language and racial insults frequently levied by Noel Pearson make him unsuitable as a leader of the Aboriginal community. We have another look at Margaret Court and we resurrect a great quote from Christopher Hitchens which seems to apply in Indonesia at the moment.

Finally, the Catholic Church is telling kids that if they want to enjoy casual clothes day then they must ensure that their parents sign a complaint letter about school funding.