‘Everyone and their mum is on it’: OnlyFans booms in popularity during the pandemic

Article by Matilda Boseley /
Guardian /
December 23, 2020 /
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This time last year Jah Bella* was doing it tough. She had fled an abusive relationship, was looking after her newborn daughter and was struggling to find work in far north Queensland.

“Every single regular job that I had, I was getting sexually harassed in some way,” she says. “I would either get fired or I’d have to leave once I reported it.”

When the pandemic hit all remaining gigs dried up.

“I was like, ‘OK. Why not make money out of this and have control over my body?’”

So Bella did what thousands of other people around the world did in lockdown – she opened an account on the website OnlyFans.

The site, which has boomed in popularity in the past year, is technically open to anyone – from personal trainers to artists and cooks – but it’s best known for one thing: nudes. Creators charge subscription fees for exclusive content, put up pay-per-view posts, and generate income from tips and livestreams.

A spokeswoman for OnlyFans told Guardian Australia there are more than 1 million creators worldwide, 85 million registered users, and it paid out more than US$2bn ($2.7bn) globally this year.