Full Coverage Reading Roundup for D Cups and Up

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January 14, 2013  /
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There are a TON of great posts out there for us full-busted women. Here’s what’s caught my eye.

  1. Busty & Thrifty is busty and super busy being a mom, so it’s a treat any time she gets a chance to post something. Today’s Bad Bra vs. Good Bra is a perfect post to send to your unconverted friends and a great way to celebrate how far some of us have come in understanding fit. Now if only the friends she writes about in yesterday’s Bra Ramblings will read that post! (And a big thank you to Busty & Thrifty for the intervention with her 14-year-old stepdaughter . . . truly a Fairy Bra Mother.)
  2. Speaking of motherhood, Braless in Brasil has put out a  survey on breast changes during pregnancy, nursing and weaning. You know what a thorough and helpful analysis that June provides from her surveys, so be sure to take part and encourage other mothers you know to help as well.
  3. Have you had a chance to watch Double Divas yet? I’ve only been able to read the #doublediva tweets, some of which make me wince (“Omg this show “doubledivas” the chick has size N boobs. Whattttt??!”) and others of which encourage me (“next time i drive through atl i wanna stop at this store and get a proper bra fitting). Busts of Gotham likes that the show dispels busty myths; Bravolution is nervous; and Lauren Rosewarne thinks it’s just a vehicle for more boobs on TV (she says she “gets” the concept of a properly fitting bra making a difference for women, but anyone who equates a new bra with a new lipstick or a new haircut really doesn’t get it, does she?).
  4. I’ve really enjoyed Malica’s comments on this blog (did you see her suggestion last week to use different colors on top and bottom instead of a belt to create waist definition?), but I only just realized that SHE ALSO BLOGS! Add Nothing Ever Fits and Nobody Sympathizes to your reader. I could really relate to her post about the perils of custom made clothes.
  5.  Les Gros Bonnets is another blogger that makes my day when I see she’s published something, and she’s posted two really helpful pieces recently: (1) a thorough review of the Freya Active Sports Bra in 36K; and (2) tips for using separates to fake a dress. I can’t wait to try Astrid’s tips for using separates.
  6. I’m also going to try Already Pretty’s ideas for how to wear scarves when you’re busty! This is something I’ve wanted to write about forever, but I need the help that she and her commenters provide. Sally has written on yet another topic that I’ve wanted to cover: what do you do when highlighting one physical feature causes you to break the “rules” for another? For instance, I know I’m supposed to highlight my waist to compensate for my boobs, but belts tend to cut me in half. She gives a helpful framework for approaching the choices involved.
  7. After my recent ruminations on aging, I fell in love with the article, “I’ve Started Telling My Daughters I’m Beautiful“, thanks to a Facebook share from The Sophisticated Pair via Fullerfigurefullerbust. I’ve met so many women whose own body images were affected by their mothers’ negative self-perceptions that the second-to-last sentence brought tears to my eyes.
  8. I haven’t posted about celebrities who wear a D cup bra or higher in a while, but Braless in Brasil and Fullerfigurefullerbust have.  I really like June’s solutions-oriented recommendations and Georgina’s educated size guesses.
  9. Finally, two great reviews I’ve enjoyed recently: (a)  Boosaurus covers the Perfect Cami (with good news that you can now order them for different strap widths instead of having to deal with the slider adjuster); and (b) Brasandbodyimage blew me away with how amazing she looks in the classic white Vanity shirt from BiuBiu.