This happens when men have to pay more for cakes than women

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April 08, 2016 /
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[German to English Translation]

Women are better educated than men, in many countries more women than men reach a higher education degree. Instead of earning more than the male colleagues, they still get less. Gender Pay Gap is called in English, which literally means a gap in the pay between the sexes.

This gap was made clear by students at the University of Queensland in Australia who sold self-baked cupcakes to their fellow students. The price: For men an Australian dollar. And for women less, not all sexes and populations deserve much the same. A white woman, for example, had to pay 17.3 per cent less (as there was statistically also 17.3 per cent less money available in Australia), a black woman even paid 55 cents per cupcake, according to the deductions black women against white men Even in professional life.

Rape threats and denial

Madeline Price, gender representative of the university, reported in a guest contribution for the “Guardian”. In her text, however, it is less a question of the student’s action than the reactions to it. Even a harmless cake sale for an educational purpose can provoke an angry mob, as the organizers had to learn. Men who, despite their privileges, saw themselves at a disadvantage, attacked the female students, who reported on their action in the social networks and posed in a photo with their cupcakes.

According to Price, the students were threatened, not only by fellow students at their own university, but also by completely alien men, who had just learned about the action on the Internet. They called for the women to be raped and even wrote murders. Others designated the different pay of men and women even sls “myth”, despite the publicly observable facts.

The action of the Australian students – rather the frightening reactions to it – have caused a stir worldwide. The Australian Lauren Rosewarne commented for the portal “”: “Dare to question the patriarchy and it’s all about menacing, violent, ugly, ugly women.”

In the end, however, exactly the reactions that the students wanted to draw attention to: sexism is ubiquitous – and is shown not only in the gender pay gap worldwide.