Hillary Clinton Reduced To Sexualised Caricature In Melbourne Mural

Article by Cayla Dengate /
Huffington Post /
June 11, 2016 /
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A new street art mural of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on a Melbourne building depicts her in a money stuffed skimpy bikini.

The Melbourne work was painted by street artist Lushsux, who also painted murals of a topless Melania Trump, a naked Donald Trump, a topless Kim Kardashian and an ‘R.I.P’ message showing a likeness to Taylor Swift.

University of Melbourne senior lecturer Dr Lauren Rosewarne said the image of Clinton reduced her to a sexual object.

“This is the first female presidential candidate for a major party and for her to be sexualised and objectified, to be reduced to a caricature talking money in her g-string is absolutely offensive,” Rosewarne said.

The ABC reported the creator of the mural said it was on-par offense-wise with a deodorant commercial yet Rosewarne disagreed.

“If that was a billboard, it would be pulled,” Rosewarne said.

“There’s a big difference. If people are offended at a billboard, they can contact the Advertising Standards Board and make a complaint. That’s not so for a renegade piece of art.

“Yes there could be deodorant commercials with a woman wearing a g-string, but this is not a girl in a string bikini, it’s reducing Hillary Clinton to a sex object then there’s further character assassination that she takes money.”

Maribyrnong City Council has vowed to explore ways of removing the mural and Lushsux’s Instagram account was taken down.

Lushsux responded by uploading the image on a second account, tagging Instagram chief executive Kevin Systrom asking him “did u donate today?”.

The artist has also revised his naked mural of presidential candidate Donald Trump by covering his genitals with an image of Clinton’s face.