The Huntress vs. The Headline: “Sex, Lies And Slutwalking”

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May 13, 2011 /
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My aim for today was to try and raise the tone of my blog back to the political stratosphere I initially intended it to be in, however there are plenty of headlines floating around today to keep it firmly in the gutter. Dirt such as “Planking: Police Won’t Take It Lying Down” dished out by The Courier Mail, “No Cheer As Blog Beauty Sacked” from the Herald Sun and “It’s The Benny Thrill Show” courtesy of The are definitely lowering the quality of news gushing from our online providers.

It would seem Pippa Middleton’s bottom has fallen out of favour for a day. Any guesses as to how long it will take to make a reappearance?

Moving along to today’s headline which would appear to be a guttertrash article, but is in fact an excellent piece written by the fantastic Lauren Rosewarne. As feminism has progressed over the years women have embraced the right to choose to dress how they wish, however there are still many out there that believe women who dress provactively ought to shoulder responsibility if they are sexually assaulted. The slutwalking movement began in Canada when a misguided policeman advised women that to stay safe they should “avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”.

Can anyone else hear the screeching tyres grinding to halt in my brain right now. Ummmm, I beg your pardon? Telling women that they shouldn’t show cleavage or wear short skirts in order to prevent violence is not only ignorant, but blatently blames the victim and is “enough to negate a man’s abuse of power, horrendous judgement and misogyny”. Cue the slutwalking movement. Women are taking to the streets dressed however they choose, proud to embrace the term slut and demand their right to be free from violence. As Ms. Rosewarne states it seems laughable that women still have to be active in such a movement after decades of protests such as Reclaim The Night, legislation and public awareness campaigns.

This whole article reminded me of a particular rape case in Italy where a driving instructor was charged with sexually assaulting his 18 year old pupil. The accused’s conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court due to his argument that it would have been impossible for him to remove the victims jeans without collaboration, therefore meaning the woman consented to sex. I still struggle with this one.

So here we are in year 2011 still struggling with the same old womens rights issues. I think it’s pretty crap that women still have to undergo such close ‘moral’ scrutiny when they are the victim. But without such movements ordinary women will continue to be victimised for such ridiculous notions as their outfit. Slutwalk protests are being held around Australia, so if you’re outraged by the idea that you will be victimised because of the length of your skirt pull out the shortest one you own, hold your head high and join the slut walk.