Podcast Appearances

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “You Can’t Ask That, The Breaker Upperers, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America and film bids for the Thai cave rescue story” (20 July, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Elaine Crombie & Shari Sebbens, ScarJo’s transgender role backlash, Sharp Objects, and You Can’t Ask That” (13 July, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Logies, The Bachelor S17 E5, Candy Royalle, RuPaul’s Drag Race” (29 July, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Pale male stale film critics, Carly Rae Jepsen fandom, Caliphate, Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette” (22 June 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Anthony Bourdain, Zoë Coombs Marr, Eleanor McDowall, Trump’s video for Kim Jong-un” (15 June 2018)

[Co-Host] Sealed Section, “The Anal Episode” (10 June, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Queer Eye, I Used to Be Normal, Helen Zaltzman, Solange and The Good Fight” (08 June 2018)

[Co-Host] Sealed Section, “The Libido Gap” (03 June, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Nakkiah Lui, Thai Boys Love, Word Up” (01 June 2018)

[Co-Host] Sealed Section, “Good Sex Doesn’t Have To Be Dirty” (May 27, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “The demise of Interview and the future of magazines, Nancy podcast, royal wedding debrief, and Don Lemon’s commencement speech” (25 May 2018)

[Guest] Ladies, We Need To Talk, “Can Porn Be Good for Women?” (22 May, 2018)

[Co-Host] Sealed Section, “Taking it Lying Down” (May 20, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Why Meghan and Harry matter, Zindzi Okenyo on the slashie life, Little Red podcast, and Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife” (18 May 2018)

[Co-Host] Sealed Section, “We Know What Porn You Watch” (May 13, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “The legacy of May ’68, Dilruk Jayasinha is a Friends fan, Sandra podcast, and mild outrage over #MetGala2018” (11 May 2018)

[Co-Host] Sealed Section, “The Big O” (May 05, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Jean Tong on Hungry Ghosts; Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris are Still Processing; L-FRESH The LION is judging Eurovision” (04 May 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Return of The Handmaid’s Tale; the Kates on Kate; Alan Tudyk is in all the things, and a very noir-ish podcast” (27 April, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Women in gaming, #Beychella debrief, and podcasts straight from the heart” (20 April, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “The problem with Apu, Roxane Gay on Unruly Bodies, and The Dollop’s Dave Anthony” (13 April, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Rick and Morty’s NSFW road trip to Bendigo, The Daily Show show’s Dulcé Sloan, and podcasts about love and escalators” (06 April, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Highlights: Julia Zemiro, Kamahl, Camp Cope, Rhianna Patrick, National Geographic” (30 March, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “MAFS: #CoconutOil and ratings winner, will you actually #DeleteFacebook? And we get fansplained” (23 March, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “National Geographic acknowledges racist past, Netflix’s mysterious algorithm, and podcasts about words” (16 March, 2018)

[Guest] Meanjin, “With Michael Mohammed Ahmad, Clementine Ford, Lauren Rosewarne, Celeste Liddle, Belinda Rule” (15 March, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “The #MeToo Oscars, advice from Camp Cope, and Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro” (09 March, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Kamahl gets into Get Out, Mardi Gras 40th, queering pop culture, and fan fiction” (02 March, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Is Marvel’s Black Panther the revelatory film the world has been waiting for?” (23 February, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “You Tube’s Kevin Allocca on his new book Videocracy, the Pyeongchang Olympics and the global power of K-pop” (16 February, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Fake Dundee, Uma Thurman v Quentin Tarantino, and Julia Zemiro’s extraordinary wormhole” (09 February, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, “Fake followers, Kendrick Lamar’s Hottest 100 win, The Grammys and Internet wormhole” (02 February, 2018)

[Co-Host] Stop Everything, ” The Aziz Ansari ‘Babe’ story, Internet wormholes, January 26th and Kamahl” (26 January, 2018)

[Guest] Ladies, We Need To Talk, “Masturbation: the big taboo” (25 October, 2017)

[Guest] Book Thingo, “Mutually Pleasurable” (8 September, 2017)

[Guest] OzPod 2017, “OzPod 2017 – Panel 3 – How diverse is Podlandia?”, Diversity Panel (8 September, 2017)

[Guest] Policy Shop, “Reading Behind the Ballot Papers” (6 July, 2016)

[Guest] Boxcutters, “Les Revenants (The Returned)” (1 April, 2014)

[Guest] Boxcutters, “Masters of Sex & Lauren Rosewarne” (26 November, 2013)

[Guest] Upclose, “Intellectualizing infidelity: A feminist remix” (16 September, 2010)

[Guest] University of Melbourne “Banned Books in Australia” censorship forum about Part-Time Perverts: Sex, Pop Culture and Kink Management (12 August, 2010)