It seems 28 is the new old

Article by Nadia Salemme /
MX /
October 18, 2012 /
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WOMEN think they’re past it by 28, because they care more about their jobs than their sex lives at that age, it’s claimed.

Nearly 40 per cent of women said they no longer considered themselves ‘‘young’’ at 28 in a UK study that revealed prioritising work over sex was the No.1 change in behaviour signalling the end of youth.

Other common signs of ageing included no longer going to nightclubs, wanting to buy not rent, having no clue what song topped the charts, looking for a husband over a boyfriend, and choosing ‘‘couple’’ getaways rather than girls’ trips, the dating site study of 1000 UK women found.

While 37 per cent of women thought 28 was no longer ‘‘young’’, the second most commonly named scary age was 30, which was nominated by 27 per cent of women respondents.

Melbourne University social science lecturer Dr Lauren Rosewarne said declaring 28 as ‘‘past it’’ was ‘‘indicative of society’s obsession with youth and the coupling of youth with beauty and happiness’’.

Rosewarne said celebs such as Katy Perry, who only has a few days of her youth left given she turns 28 on October 25, proved 28 wasn’t ‘‘old’’.

Having already surpassed the supposed milestone, model Miranda Kerr, 29, would have to be considered ‘‘old’’ in light of the survey.

‘‘Twenty-eight doesn’t look the same for everybody. Lifestyle choices can dictate how old you are,’’ Rosewarne said.