It’s not my ABC

Letter by Chris Cleveland /
NT News /
January 1, 2020 /
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HAS the ABC lost all perspective and succumbed to climate cultism? In today’s online news they have named the great David Attenborough and the flimsy Greta Thunberg as “climate titans”, what an insult to Mr Attenborough. He is a man who has devoted his life to the environment and now into his ninth decade continues to promote environmental causes.

Greta, soon to turn 17, is a minnow, someone who is being used, some would say abused, by her family and climate cult activists. She should be being nurtured and tutored like any other teenager by her school and family and yet?

The ABC publishes this nonsense, further, they have published the identity politics trash in order to shame anyone who speaks the truth on this matter.

On the 28th September 2019 they published a piece by Lauren Rosewarne, senior lecturer at University of Melbourne, which singles out middle-aged men as Thunberg detractors and labels them “troglodytes”.

This is not my ABC, the news and current affairs which I once loved and trusted has been hijacked.