Kate Middleton ‘black-eye’ picture used in sick online advert

Article by Tom Evans /
Daily Star /
July 01, 2017 /
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An advert showing a clearly photoshopped image of Kate Middleton with a black eye has done the rounds on the internet.And sickeningly, the image also features the caption “Kate finally reveals what caused the dispute”.

The implication clearly being that something untoward has happened behind closed doors.But the doctored picture is clearly a fake and there is no suggestion whatsoever that the Duchess has suffered a black eye.

In the image, her head is down, her eyes cast to the side and a black eye covers a portion of her face.

On clicking the advert, an article reads: “Princess Kate Middleton will spend time away from the Royal Family to campaign for breakthrough skincare line!”Junivive – the skincare product advertised – describes itself as “a hostile to maturing cream which resembles a gift to every one of those lady who had been in an urgent look for a cure of their maturing signs”.

And the ad has been slammed publicly since it appeared on social media.

“There should be no place for references or allusions to domestic violence as part of any marketing strategy,” said Dr Lauren Rosewarne of the University of Melbourne.