To love you and take care of you

Article by By Eloísa Carmona /
Swagger /
March 11, 2017 /
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[Spanish to English translation]

Masturbation has always been a taboo subject and if it is women, ugh! According to sexuality and gender expert Lauren Rosewarne, “Apparently, women should not be sexual, then there is talk of female masturbation.”

Addressing the issue is complicated for many reasons, among them we have that masturbation is something very intimate and is often made to believe young women and girls that any type of sexuality is unusual or bad.

But we are already in the 2000s and now there is a lot of research proving that from 25 to 29, 72% of women surveyed say they have tried masturbation at least once in the previous year.

So giving yourself pleasure is common, not bad and has several benefits for your well-being, for example, helps you sleep, relieves stress, smoothes menstrual cramps and even has been associated with better body image.

Of course, we can not leave aside that unlike sex with another person, touching yourself does not involve risks of sexually transmitted diseases, it will not embarrass you and is a great way to realize what you like, what you feel comfortable with And why not.

Pleasure is not just a way to have fun, it’s a way to take care of yourself and get to know you.