Melbourne University Academic Brands Mark Latham As a “White Supremacist in Training”

Article by Gerard Henderson /
The Australian /
November 03, 2017  /
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While on the topic of truth and all that, did anyone see ABC TV’s News Breakfast program on Wednesday? During the “Newspapers” segment, discussion turned on the fact that Mark Latham is being sued for defamation by Crikey contributor Osman Faruqi. Mr Faruqi claims to have been defamed by a comment made on the Mark Latham’s Outsiders online program to the effect that Osman Faruqi and others are fomenting hatred of white people and effectively encouraging terrorists.

The matter was reported in The Australian on Wednesday by Chris Merritt – which led to the following exchange on News Breakfast between presenters Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli and Melbourne University academic Lauren Rosewarne of that campus’ School of Social and Political Sciences:

Michael Rowland: Now, Latham. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while:

Lauren Rosewarne: [Interjecting] Everyone’s favourite white supremacist in training. Mark Latham is now apparently –

Virginia Trioli: [Interjecting] Excuse me.


Virginia Trioli: Go on.

Lauren Rosewarne: [Mark Latham] is apparently seeing this defamation case against him as an opportunity to raise the flag of whether you can be racist against white people….

So, there you have it. Dr Rosewarne (for a doctor she is) reckons that Mark Latham is “a white supremacist in training”. And what is her evidence for so serious a charge? Alas, she did not provide any – beyond saying that Mr Latham objects to the use of such terms as “angry white male”.

It seems down at Hendo’s alma mater Melbourne University it’s now okay to brand the likes of Mark Latham as “a white supremacist in training” without a skerrick of evidence. Can You Bear It?