Men with no beards cause ‘indecent thoughts’: Turkish preacher says

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December 20, 2017  /
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AN Islamic preacher has taken beardless shaming to the next level and has warned men who don’t have one they are causing “indecent thoughts” in other men.

Turkish preacher Murat Bayaral made headlines after saying clean-shaven men sometimes “cannot be distinguished from women” and can cause “indecent thoughts” in other men, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

The firebrand preacher also said the beard is “one of the two body parts that separate men from women”.

“For example, if you see a man with long hair from afar you may think he is a woman if he does not have a beard,” he said.

Is the Beard Trend Over?

“Because nowadays women and men dress similarly.

“God forbid! You could be possessed by indecent thoughts.”

Beards have become increasingly popular throughout Austraila in recent years and have almost become mainstream, according to University of Melbourne pop culture expert Lauren Rosewarne.

It has been estimated that Australia’s male grooming sector is now worth more than $500 million annually.

Bayaral is considered a marginal figure in Turkey.

“Turkish debates on piety and modesty reoccur frequently,” Magdalena Kirchner, a fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center told Newsweek.