Menstrual moments

Article by Liz Weidinger /
Missy /
February, 2013 /
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In the new Missy edition you will find a reddish-colored article about the female monthly troubles. The author Liz Weidinger deals with the book by Lauren Rosewarne “Periods in Pop Culture: Menstruation in Film and Television”. The following small gallery will present the most beautiful periods in film and television.

Ginger Snaps – John Fawcett (2000) – Canada

With the first menstruation in this teenage horror story also the existence as a werewolf – once a month full moon, once a month bleed. The period is finally as inexplicable as fantasy figures. And with that, one of the sisters becomes a dangerous woman who is not just hungry for sex.

The red days are a curse. In any case, this is a common idea. Blanche also talks about the ominous threat in the mad senior sitcom. The fact that she has something to do with her period, she stated two years later: “My entire thirteenth year, I slept with the lights on. I know what it is. I stayed home Halloween. I was a wreck. But the year went by and no curse. Another year went by. No curse. ”

Roseanne – USA

The moment of the first period appears particularly gladly on the screen, but is not always horrormäßig. A good example is the following conversation between mother and daughter in the sitcom, which is important for many memorable moments. Bonding through Blood, here it comes:

Darlene: Oh God, why me?
Roseanne: ‘Cos you’re lucky.
Darlene: Right.
Roseanne: Now you get to be a part of the whole cycle of things. You know, the moon and the water and the seasons. It’s almost magical, Darlene. You should be really proud today ‘cos this is the beginning of a lot of really wonderful things in your life.

Dirty Love – John Mallory Asher (2005) – USA

The rather bad comedy delivers a large amount of menstrual blood – all during a short visit to the grocery store in the supermarket. First, Rebecca leaves a bloodspur between the shopping racks, already she sits with her white skirt in a huge pool of blood. To mimic this with real menstrual blood, a whole year would have to be collected.

Feng kuang de dai jia (The Price of Frenzy) – Xiaowen Zhou (1989) – China

The film begins in a classic room for discovering the first period – in the bathroom, more specifically in the women’s area of ​​a public bathhouse. Lanlan, the little sister of the protagonist, gets her first period there. The big, she-educated sister Qingqing is proud. However, intimacy and femininity are suddenly destroyed by the glances of an unrecognizable voyeur. He becomes the rapist of Lanlan and the hunted of Qingqing. For bloodskins cause unscrupulous revenge.

Sex and the City – USA

How closely women are linked to each other because of their supposed biological gender is also evident in a New York toilet: Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are so close to each other that they at the same time menstruate and supply themselves with hygienic products, yay!

Charlotte: Do you have another?
Carrie: Ladies, I am not Tampax Central. Put on list: buy tampons.
Charlotte: Well, I have them at home but they won’t fit in my Kate Spade purse.
Miranda: Wow. Kate must have a tiny vagina.

Commissioner Lund – Søren Sveistrup (2007) – Denmark

Not only the grandiose Commissioner Lund has to ask her colleague whether it is not even a day or two a month that she has no premenstrual complaints. On the other hand funny, on the other hand genuinely annoying, it reproduces the alleged connection between mood and cycle. If it were only the period that makes women feel bad …

Absolutely Fabulous – UK

A topic on the screen is the menstruation also particularly gladly if it is missing. Patsy, for example, talks about her mother: “She did not want a child. She would’ve got rid of me, but she was mistook for the menopause. When she found out what was too late. ”

Dr. House – USA

Dr. House analyzes the cycle of his boss, as the behavior of an unknown new type of lizard. It is clear that he believes there is a clear correlation between eating behavior and period: “Once a month, when you leave the kids cancer ward, your eyes glisten. Over three days later, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the day. Based on the last yogurt sighting, you’ve got another week before you ovulate. ”

Showgirls – Paul Verhoeven (1995) – USA

But not all men are as impressed as House. In a sexy dance scene in the film, awarded with several golden raspberries, the potential sex partner on Nomi’s menstrual reference means only: “It’s alright, I got towels.” The main actress does not accept the courageous offer. Menstruation and sex? Even more controversial than the monthly bleeding alone.

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) – Trey Parker

People with menstruation are as scary and inhumane as zombies. At least, this not only suggests in the South-Park film: “I just do not trust anything that bleeds for five days and does not.”

Annie Hall – Woody Allen (1977) – USA

In the film, the main character Alvy dreams of his venerated – and illustrates in the best way the idea of ​​the perfect woman as a non-bleeding woman.

Wicked Queen: We never have any fun any more.
Alvy: How can you say that?
Wicked Queen: Why not? You’re always leaning on me to improve myself.
Alvy: You’re just upset. You must be getting your period.
Wicked Queen: I do not get a period. I’m a cartoon character.

Gray’s Anatomy – USA

How much defensiveness to the female period of real men is necessary is shown by the exaggerated refusal of menstruation products, which is always good for a joke.

George: You don’t understand. Me gonads, You ovaries!
Izzie: Oh, that reminds me, we are out of tampons.
George: You’re parading through the bathroom in your underwear when I’m naked in the shower.
Izzie: Will you add it to your list please?
George: What?
Izzie: Tampons. To the list. It’s your turn.
George: I am a man! I don’t buy girl products.

Carrie – Brian De Palma (1976) – USA

This Horror film knows all the negative connotations of the period perfectly to its own benefit. Carrie is screaming in the showers of the gym when she gets her first days. Instead of helping her, the classmates chorus “plug it up!” And throw them with tampons. This scene is one of the most famous menstrual moments.