NO: Another NSW Sizzler Is Closing Down & We Are Losing Hope

Article by Sohan Judge /
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April 05, 2017 /
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Sizzler has been an iconic buffet joint for families all across the country for decades, but with another restaurant closing down in NSW, we are losing hope for its future.

Restaurants have been shutting down across the country in recent months after it was revealed that the company behind Sizzler has stopped investing in Australia for the group. Meanwhile, it’s a hit in Asia – diners can’t get enough of the Australian-owned chain.

The last restaurant in NSW in the one in Campbelltown, after Kogarah’s one will close its doors this weekend.

We all grew up loving the famous cheese toast, pasta, funky ice cream and endless portions we could serve ourselves at the buffet. But why are they all closing down now? If we love Sizzler so much, what went wrong?

Experts allude it to a couple of possibilities. Trends expert, Dr Lauren Rosewarne, said that Sizzler failed to keep up with consumer demands like the cult-like status of celebrity culinary figures and new initiatives like food trucks.

Francis Loughran from food consultancy firm Future Food said that Sizzler was popular in its time, but is stuck in the past.

In addition to this, it is possible that some highly publicised food safety scares have hurt the brand.

Well guys, we recommend making a trip to Sizzler in Campbelltown ASAP before that closes down too.