Own a onesie? You’re so hot right now according to McCrindle Research data on biggest trends of 2013

Article by Naomi White /
The Courier Mail /
December 03, 2013 /
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IF YOU own a onesie, take plenty of selfies, are partial to fro-yos and can do the Harlem Shake then chances are you’re right on trend.

The biggest trends in popular culture for 2013 have been revealed, showing we’re all for fitness, cost cutting and anything royal – both with the birth of Prince George and with Royals singer, New Zealand teenager Lorde, topping the pop star of the year category.

Are you so hot right now? Tell us what you think of this year’s trends list below.

Mark McCrindle of McCrindle Research, who compiled the list, said while there were plenty of contenders, the final cut came down to what were the biggest mainstream trends, had the biggest influence in Australia and had social impact.

He said the trends were ones no one could have predicted just a few years ago, especially with the frozen yoghurt fad.

“No one would have thought a couple of years ago frozen yoghurt would be the dessert of choice in Australia,” he said.

“There’s been nothing like the explosion of frozen yoghurt franchises in the last year, it’s phenomenal.”

Melbourne University senior lecturer in popular culture Dr Lauren Rosewarne said the popularity of a trend was often due to it having appeal on multiple levels.

“A lot of the things that are trends … tap into a number of things that are happening in pop culture at the same time,” she said.

“That’s why selfies work, that’s why onsies work, because they reflect a number of things we’re interested in.”

Dr Rosewarne said the emerging sportswear-as-fashion trend tapped into how we’d like to see ourselves.

“The amount of sportswear sold does not reflect how fit we are. It does reflect what we aspire to be, and sportswear is invariably endorsed by celebrities. It’s not just any sportswear that we’re wearing but sportswear attached … to a celebrity we aspire to be like.”

Brisbane’s Bruna Carolino works in fitness retail and says women of all walks of life are embracing active wear as casual wear.

“Gym clothes look casual as well, so you can look good in comfortable clothes,” the 28-year-old said. “You can go to the gym, but then leave and go somewhere else with your friends and you’ll be looking good.”

Ms Carolino said the new styles and colours of gym clothes were making them more fashionably acceptable.

“It’s nice to have bright colours and patterns and not just black,” she said. “It’s not just sporty gym clothes, it’s pretty too.”

Ms Carolino had some predictions for her sporty summer wardrobe: “Fluoro and lots of patterns,” she said.

Other trends for 2013 included the attitude of swag, social media website Vine, shared spaced, the Dumb Ways to Die campaign, discount shopping and kinaesthetic technology.