Passion search Young Aussies are a bunch of FOMOs

Article by Lachlan Hastings /
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April 26, 2013 /
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That’s according to research commissioned by online publisher Sound Alliance, which also canvassed whether those aged 18-29 were radical or conservative.

Among the findings were that 93 per cent of 1900 respondents were daily Facebook users who felt burdened by “information flow”. Four in five were looking for “passion” or “purpose” but more and more were “content, conservative and happy with the status quo”.

Sound Alliance chief executive Neil Ackland said young Aussies were “living inch deep and mile wide”.

“Their fear of missing out (FOMO) and fear of not knowing (FONK), alongside extraordinary access to information, leads them to become `textperts’ rather than `experts’ in any field,” he said.

“It even translates into the type of travel they are taking. They’re going to ‘sharable’ Western world locations like North America and Europe rather than exotic and less-connected destinations.”

Melbourne University social scientist Lauren Rosewarne said unlike previous generations, some people didn’t have to work very hard to be stimulated.

“Unless you were watching television 24/7, and that wasn’t happening before the 1950s, you had to seek out your own stimulation,” she said.

“Provided you’ve got your phone next to you, you can actually be constantly stimulated with information and the thoughts of others, which could then distract you from having your own.”