People are convinced that Avril Lavigne killed herself in 2003

Article by Veronica Peterson /
Voux Magazine /
May 16, 2017 /
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A Twitter user who claims to be a 17-year old high school student and has over 13,000 followers detailed the claim in a thread which has since been liked and retweeted almost a quarter-of-a-million times in total, alleging that the singer took her own life in late 2003 after her grandfather’s death.

Marking the 14th anniversary of her massive single, “Complicated”, the internet has resurrected the conspiracy theory that claims Avril Lavigne is dead, and the internet is freaking out.

Because her supposed “death” occurred at the peak of her career, Avril Lavigne’s record label hired a lookalike called Melissa Vandella to impersonate her, a job that she continues to do to this very day.

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory, eh?

Shortly after beginning work on her second album, the page claims that Avril fell into depression and was later found dead at her home by her record company.

To make it worth going viral, Dr Rosewarne said a conspiracy theory must have the “right ingredients” – namely some humour, a celebrity and the right setting.

Over the weekend, the world learned with great regret that pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne had passed away.

What’s more, aaccording to the theorists, Avril taught Melissa how to sing like her.

As the rumours flooded the internet once again this weekend, one fan echoed many by announcing: “This is a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation”.

And it’s not just physical features that users believe have changed – others are were suspicious when Avril promoted a slimming bar as a “yummy and healthy snack”.

Melissa has been pretending to be Avril ever since. Avril Lavigne’s death theory is once again making the rounds online, thanks to another Twitter user.

In an era where traditional sources of news and information are being questioned, Dr Rosewarne said people are more accepting of alternative sources of “information”.

Avril herself was asked about this conspiracy during an interview in Brazil back in 2014, and her response didn’t convince anyone who would need Maury to come through with the DNA results (skip to the 6:19 mark).