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March 13, 2015 /
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The sale of sex toys hits record. Finer massage rods are sold at luxury stores and pharmacies – not just in porn stores. In the world of the film it is unnoticed. Recently, RFSU announced a contest and Swedish women got their own words for masturbation: klittra.
At the same time, a painting was censored at the photographic museum, as it represented a woman who masturbated to a picture of Carola. Basically, all people – and many animals – masturbate. Why are we so fond of this individual little pleasure?

In 1980, the punk queen Nina Hagen shocked the world to show how women masturbate in Austrian TV’s equivalent to Skavlan. It became big headlines. Today, the dissapointment is diligent in films and in literature. In order to make the rioting more efficient, there has been an industry of massage rods and run cat streaks that move from shady backgammon to the gym – even the pharmacy. And there are those who claim that our love for masturbation pushed the streaming opportunities online. Maybe we should thank Onanin instead of being generated by it?

Kobra Program Manager Kristofer Lundström visits New York to speak with onanigurun and artist Betty Dodson. She has written several books on the subject and is considered a pioneer in the fight for sexual liberation for both men and women. In Melbourne, Australia meets Lundström Professor Lauren Rosewarne, who wrote the book “Masturbation in pop culture”.

Cobra also visits Good Vibrations, a particularly small museum in San Francisco, dedicated its monitors to historical massacres, and has also set up the “Masturbation Hall of Fame”, your chosen person for the right to masturbate.

Last year, the sex economy industry sold more than three billion kronor in the UK only. This year, according to all estimates, the record will be hit. Movies like “50 Shades of Gray” and comics like “Girls” and “Sex and the city”, where stylish and successful characters use sex toys have paved the way, but what role does the design of new products play for development? And could there be an a and a b team in the masturbation industry? Kobra visits the Swedish company Lelo, whose stylish massage rods have taken the world by storm

85-year-old author Harry Mathews has written books since the 1960s. In 1983 he decided to write a book of finite stories of masturbation from all corners of the world. The book “Individual Pleasure” (Singular Pleasures) has been deciphered over the years. Kobra went to Key West to meet him.