Radio pranksters may opt for TV chat show

Article by Miles Godfrey /
The Australian /
December 10, 2012 /
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THE two radio presenters at the centre of the royal prank call may appear on a confessional-style television chat show in a bid to rebuild their careers, a pop culture and social media expert says.

“I think there could be some interest in a Sunday Night-type program about how they have suffered as a result,” University of Melbourne’s Dr Lauren Rosewarne told AAP.

“But I think they are going to lay low, certainly over Christmas and New Year, because there’s nothing that can be gained for them or the station (by speaking before then).”

Sydney-based 2Day FM’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian have gone into hiding since last week’s prank call to London’s King Edward VII Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for severe morning sickness.

The nurse who took the call from the duo, who were posing as the Queen and Prince Charles, was found dead on Friday. She is believed to have taken her own life.

Greig and Christian have been blamed for causing Jacinta Saldanha’s death and have faced a barrage of criticism, particularly on social media sites.

Dr Rosewarne says the highly speculative and hate-filled posts demonstrate how authorities have failed to regulate what’s written online.

“Particularly with suicide – think about how carefully (journalists) have to talk about that,” she added.

“It’s open slather online for people to play pop psychologist as well as judge, jury and executioner.”

Plenty of people have defended Greig and Christian online, while others say blaming the presenters directly for Ms Saldanha’s death oversimplifies issues surrounding suicide.

“Think some sanity and balance needs to be injected into the hysteria over this,” one person wrote on the Facebook page, RIP Jacintha Saldanha. Shame Upon Those Stupid Australian DJs.