The rainbow casts its shadow over the sporting field

Article by Bernard Gaynor /
February 05, 2018 /
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Just when the ‘anything-to-make-them-happy’ Yes voters thought they could return to their summer of cricket and hear no more about SSM, the new world of rainbow rules has made its way onto the sporting field. Unfortunately, for average, hetero-normative, cisgender Aussie blokes and sheilas, this is the new normal.

GOLDOC (Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation) has issued guidelines and instructions for the use of gender neutral language by volunteers, officials and contractors for the Games:

The Games Shapers handbook, which has been handed to 15,000 volunteers and official staff and contractors instructs workers to avoid phrases like “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls”.

 It also includes instructions to use the term parents instead of mother or father and partners, rather than husbands or girlfriends.

On planet GOLDOC, those associated with the Games in an employed or voluntary capacity are counselled to take an inclusive approach to groups of people and use terms like ‘Hey you lot’ or ‘Hi folks’ (no I am not making this up).

Speaking recently to Neil Mitchell on Radio 3AW, Dr Lauren Rosewarne (a lecturer in gender theory and feminist politics at Melbourne University), stated these guidelines were necessary:

We don’t want a silly slip up of Australia looking retrograde on the world stage…

 When pressed to comment on whether the term ‘ladies and gentlemen’ was offensive, she gave a ‘no’ and a ‘but’, which means ‘yes’.

According to Dr Rosewarne, we can’t have visiting Canuck nonbinary rainbow families (gendered ‘Zv’ and ‘Zvi’ ) with 2.5 gender-queer children and a pet satyr thinking that Australians are a bunch of gender retards.

Just in case you thought this was a freaky one off, I have bad news. GOLDOC is not on its own. In fact, a Victorian government-led initiative could also see such violent words as batsmen and ruckmen replaced:

AN AFL ruckman should be known as a “ruckperson” and cricket batsmen referred to as “batspeople” under a Victorian-led push to reduce violence against women.

 A university-led conference has called for gender-neutral language to be used across all sporting codes at every level…

 …The project was commissioned by the Andrews Government’s Office of Prevention and Women’s Equality. Pilot testing of the recommendations is set to be carried out next year.

 Unfortunately, the Australian Commonwealth Games and Australian sporting codes are only the latest Australian institutions to come under the Rainbow Arc. 

Now firmly established on the platform of SSM, our Australian social life is being turned into theatre for identity politics, tranny grandstanding, toilet dramas, pronoun offenses, deployment of gender detectives, nanny lectures from the progressive Left and the clear possibility that second-rate male athletes, declaring themselves women, could do real and serious harm to female competitors (that would be the genetically XX variety for our non-cis readers).

This last seems to not even be on the radar of the feminist grievance industry.

So ‘hey you lot’ – what could go wrong?