Research: Heterosexual women prefer adult films

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July 26, 2015 /
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[Turkish to English Translation]

According to a study conducted jointly by PornHub and BuzzFeed, heterosexual women prefer lesbian adult movies to watching straight adult adult movies.

According to the results of US and European metropolitan PornHub data and BuzzFeed surveys, heterosexual women prefer to watch lesbian adult movies in heterosexual adult movies by 132% more. According to the results of the research, women search the word “PORNO” on the internet and the results they prefer are mainly lesbian content.

Research analyst, pop culture expert and gender expert Dr Lauren Rosewarne interprets heterosexual women’s preference for lesbian-themed adult films in the following way:

“Adult movies are generally films that are focused on male audience. It is also obvious that the moment when the penis is integrated into the vagina with the woman’s eyes and the pleasure that the woman receives at that moment is not so attractive. Lesbian adult movies are films prepared for women. “If you look at the results, it’s quite normal for me,” says Rosewarne, “Lesbian-themed films are being prepared for heterosexual or homosexual, non-discriminatory woman perception.”

Another consequence of the study is that heterosexual women prefer adult lesbian-themed adult films after lesbian-themed adult films. Dr Lauren Rosewarne, who welcomes this situation quite nicely, explains, “Gay-themed adult films do not depict the male body much more attractive and appealing than any heterosexual opponent.”