Your sexual kick-starter

Article by Cleo /
August, 2015 /
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We go to classes to get fitter, watch TED Talks to get smarter, negotiate our salaries to get richer. Great sex is expected to just… happened. By magic. But watching a Beyoncé video and hoping for that no-holds-barred confidence when naked is like a dude watching Magic Mike 2 and hoping to be Channing Tatum. It’s good #inspo (and yep, a girl can dream) but you’ve got to learn your own formula for confidence and desire.

“Film and porn present sex as simple and effortlessly obtained, with everyone having vast quantities of orgasmic partnered sex. The rest of us wonder where we fit in if we are un-partnered or aren’t experiencing orgasms,” explains Doctor Lauren Rosewarne, gender researcher at the University Of Melbourne (

Her answer? “We need to become more committed to learning about our pleasure, and abolish the idea that speaking about sex – that asking too many questions about it – is shameful, dirty or taboo.”