Singles feeling pressure to couple on Valentine’s Day

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February 14, 2018 /
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We’ve always thought small towns were a tough place to be single any day, but none more so than Valentine’s Day.

In fact, geography is playing less and less a part in such loneliness, thanks to social media posts showing happy couples doing happy things.

Head home for Christmas, and eventually comes the inevitable question: “Do you have someone special in your life?”

Like nearly everything these days, there’s an app for that. Make it several apps.

Last year, Tinder reported a 20 percent surge in usage on Feb. 14, and this year is likely to see the same or more.

It’s not surprising single people feel the sting of loneliness on a day set aside for lovers, but they’re better off avoiding the pressure of finding a date for Valentine’s Day.

“Trying to have an intense relationship, trying to find someone to be with on Valentine’s Day that you’ve just met, it’s a high amount of pressure for a first date,” said Lauren Rosewarne, gender studies expert at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

“Or even just shopping for a partner — it’s a lot of pressure to do that on Valentine’s Day.”

A number of men should have heeded Rosewarne’s advice to the lovelorn, including one Omaha man who met Julie Cahlaway, 38, on a dating website.

Douglas County Jail records indicate Cahlaway is charged with two counts of theft by deception.

Investigators say she preyed on the sympathy of the Omaha man, spinning a tale of medical and legal problems that led to her obtaining more than $279,000 from him.

The heart tends to overpower the mind when it comes to interpersonal relationships, but it’s always a good idea to step back, and perhaps seek some wise advice from a trusted friend, before committing our hearts and other vital resources to someone we’ve just met online.