Socceroos coach takes sexist route

Article by Lachlan Hastings /
MX /
June 12, 2013 /
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CHAUVINISTIC comments by Socceroos coach Holger Osieck that “women should shut up in public” have taken the gloss off his team’s 4-0 win over Jordan last night.

Osieck uttered the remarks just before a post-match press conference after one of the organisers apparently directed him where to sit.

“You want to sit here?” Osieck said before an audience comprised mostly of men. “I’ll sit here. You push me around like my wife.

“There is a saying,” he said, speaking in another language thought to be Portuguese, before translating it as, “women should shut up in public”.

Osieck, whose initial comments were greeted with nervous laughter, then attempted to play down the remarks after exclamations of surprise from people in the room.

“I say it to my wife at home. It is a private one, OK. And you record that one as well, so I am going to be the darling of all Australian wives.”

Women’s groups condemned the remarks.

YWCA Australia executive officer Dr Caroline Lambert said Osieck’s comments didn’t “respect the leadership and contribution provided by women”.

“It’s disappointing . . . when women are making great strides in business, government and other parts of the community.”

University of Melbourne social scientist Lauren Rosewarne said: “I think some of the participants in sport seem to forget that the… very hyper-masculine bubble they live in… sometimes that crosses into the real world.”