Surf mag slammed for showing nude girl, 16

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November 26, 2009 /
[Original no longer available online]

9 msn: Surf mag slammed for showing nude girl, 16 An Australian surfing magazine has come under attack from women’s rights activists after publishing a naked photo of a 16-year-old girl on its front cover with an accompanying article that talks about teenage “perfection”.

Ella Rose Corby, an aspiring model from Kingscliff near the NSW/Queensland border, stripped down for the cover of the November issue of alternative surfing title Stab.

In the photo Miss Corby, who won a competition to pose for the magazine, covers herself up with strategically placed arms and legs and her body is covered in words painted on by an artist.

The accompanying article, written by fellow competition winner Mike Jennings, discusses teen sexuality by using terms like “unspoiled form” and “hotter than fish grease”.

Jennings’ article focused on how 16-year-old girls meant “danger to the adult male”.

“They’re moving around womanhood and they know it,” he wrote.

“They dress older, sneak into clubs and are easily mistaken as adults.

“And as girls in their early twenties try and hand onto their teenage beauty, lines are blurred and we’re left confused.

“You can leer at the 16-year-old as you would an adult woman, so long as you’re ignorant.

“Once you become aware of their age you must look away.”

Dr Lauren Rosewarne, a lecturer in public policy at the University of Melbourne, said the magazine was “flirting with illegality”.

“They’re playing on the fact that she’s just under — it’s very much in line with the ‘barely legal’ style of porn.

“It seems deliberately done to cause outrage.

“The magazine might be successful, but women are getting exploited in the process.”

Emily Maguire, author of the book Princesses and Porn Stars: Sex, Power, Identity, said she was appalled by the magazine’s article.

“The commentary inside the magazine is completely disingenuous in its attempt to conceal the fact they are objectifying the teenager,” Maguire told ninemsn.

“It’s making girls feel like they are the ones to blame for having men ‘leer’ at them.”

ninemsn’s calls to the editor of Stab magazine were not returned.

In the article Miss Corby was quoted as saying the shoot was “a bit controversial, but fun at the end of the day”.