The Break Room pop-up gives stress heads crockery to smash

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March 31, 2016  /
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WE’VE all felt the need to let off some steam, but a pop-up store is now letting that anger free.

The Break Room, which opens on April 8, allows stress heads to smash crockery however they see fit.

For $50, you can break six plates, six cups, six wine glasses and a water jug, with a session lasting up to 10 minutes.

Ed Hunter, who came up with the idea for the shop, said the idea came about from dealing with stress in his own life and at work as a project manager.

People are provided with safety equipment, including a helmet, thick jacket and gloves, and locked in a room with a baseball bat, brick wall and the crockery.

“It is up to their imagination how they want to break it,” Mr Hunter said.

While acknowledging the store had some “therapeutic elements”, Mr Hunter said it was not a treatment for anger.

“This is just one way to blow off some steam and while you will come out feeling better, you can’t charge us up to Medicare,” he said.

The store has set up in Budd St, Collingwood after outgrowing its site in Brunswick.

Mr Hunter said he had seen everyone from those unlucky in love and employees from the Department of Human Services come into release their pent-up emotions.

The only requirements are that people are not under the influence of alcohol, and wear jeans and closed shoes.

Melbourne University social researcher Dr Lauren Rosewarne said it was unlikely the store would reinforce aggressive tendencies.

She said it was important people found a way to release their anger.

“Some people go and get a massage, other people want to smash crockery,” Dr Rosewarne said.

“I’d rather the outlet for anger be contained in a safe environment than in other anti-social pursuits.”