The Tinder Dating Story that Kills a Beautiful Woman

Article by Fino Yurio Kristo /
iNet /
October 25, 2016 /
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Online dating that led to the death of a beautiful girl seized the attention of the Australian public. Dating done through the Tinder application was fatal, a victim named Warriena Wright died after falling from the floor 14 apartment lovers.

Quoted from the Guardian, Tuesday (25/10/2016), the court a few days ago decided that the suspect named Gable Tostee innocent and released. But there are still some parties believe Tostee is responsible for the death of Wright.

This tragic story happened two years ago. New Zealand’s Wright and Tostee met physically on August 7, 2014. They first met on the internet a week before, through the popular Tinder app to find a mate. Wright was in Australia attending a friend’s wedding.

A week acquainted with exchanging messages, they decided to meet in the real world, at a seaside resort called Surfers Paradise. Drunk romance, they both continue in the apartment Tostee located in Gold Coast, Queensland.

But the date even leads to tragedy. A few hours later, Wright fell from the 14th floor of the apartment and died instantly. The police also set Tostee as a suspect.

The main proof of this case is a 199-minute recording on Tostee’s phone. Tostee apparently deliberately recorded the moment they had a big fight until Wright’s fall from the balcony.

The prosecutor declared Tostee to make Wright so frightened and intimidating, so he tried to escape by deciding down from the balcony where he was locked from the inside by Tosteen. But unfortunately he fell to death.

Tostee’s attorney insisted that what his client did was right and he did not play a role in Wright’s death. Because, Wright was, in a drunken state, who first performed a physical attack on Tostee. “It was a tragedy, but not a murder,” said the lawyer.

After an exhausting trial, Tostee was eventually found not guilty alias freely recently. He was declared not to play an active role in Wright’s death.

Tostee himself admitted sad for the death of his date. “Initially everything was fun but the more night, the more strange and more aggressive behavior,” said Tostee in his explanation.

“He just kept hitting me, taunting me, throwing away my things and ruining my apartment,” he claims. It was what made Tostee try to defend himself, but it ended in Wright’s death.

Case that took a wide attention in this Kangaroo Affairs also dragged Tinder. People are advised to be careful when making online dating, especially paying attention to the background.

“Of course there are good people in Tinder and there are things to look into, just the same as you should be careful when handing a cell phone number to someone newly encountered in the real world,” said Dr Lauren Rosewarne of the University of Melbourne.