Trump-phobia up with the sparrows on News Breakfast this morning

Article by Gerard Henderson /
The Australian /
November 16, 2018 /
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What a stunning performance by Melbourne University academic Dr Lauren Rosewarne in the “Newspapers” gig on ABC TV News Breakfast this morning. The learned doctor was covering Paige Taylor’s exclusive story in today’s Australian that 40 of the 300 refugees who left Nauru to settle in the United States want to return to Nauru.

To Hendo this morning, this read like a story about refugees/asylum seekers and the conditions on Nauru. And not Donald J. Trump. But, wait for it, Lauren Rosewarne threw the switch to Trump-phobia, as the transcript attests:

Lauren Rosewarne: Let’s start with Nauru. Of the 300 who’ve been moved to the United States, 40 want to go back to Nauru. It raises questions about what is it that the US doesn’t do – or doesn’t offer – that Nauru can. So things like, good weather, job opportunities, the ability to travel. And I’m guessing “No Trump” is probably a big factor.

Michael Rowland: We’ll take that as a comment.

And so it was. And what an effort to run the line that even refugees who want to return to Nauru are escaping what many academics regard as the Trump Fascist Dictatorship. Who would have thought of that? – apart from, that is, a senior lecturer in Social and Political Sciences at Hendo’s alma mater The University of Melbourne. Worth a promotion to professor, surely.