My Two Person Book Club, courtesy of Will Schwalbe

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November 19, 2012 /
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‘So the premise is a simple one: an informal book club emerges between the narrator, Will, and his mother, Mary,”

Quoted from  “The Art of Writing about Reading” by Lauren Rosewarne.  when she is talking about Will Schwalbe’s  book “The End of Your Life Book Club”.

I had never thought of it like that. Today I had coffee with a friend and we were a book club, just the two of us, talking books. “Seize the Day” says Will Schwalbe.  Sieze the opportunity to talk books. And so we did. Our own private book club and library.  My friend went home with Cloud Atlas and I came home with Kate Grenville’s “The Idea of Perfection”, which I look forward to reading.

I am also looking forward to reading Will Schwalbe’s book.

Will’s mother is dying of cancer but they shared their love of reading and

“Books provided Will and his mother a way to talk about things that would have been too confronting, too frightening, too close-to-the-bone to discuss frankly.”

“The End of Your Life Book Club is a beautiful combination of memoir, tribute to a parent, but even more so, it’s a lovely homage to that transformative exercise of reading.”

Those are Lauren Rosewarne’s views on the book but her article  is also very readworthy for her views on reading patterns.

And so I post my thoughts in our Virtual WordPress Book Club, where I know nobody but where I know everybody as we share the love of reading.

I have been reading  “The Art of Writing about Reading” by Lauren Rosewarne.