Uglies get the net numbers

Article by Inga Gilchrist /
MX /
January 24, 2011 /
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Having some men think she’s ugly works in a woman’s favour in the dating jungle.

Women whose looks polarise male opinion get up to three times as many hits as those rated consistently attractive, a major dating site reveals.

Evoking consensus from men about your looks kills the flow of invitations, blokes tending to ignore women universally regarded as cute.

So if a man doesn’t think you’re hot, the next best thing for your strike rate is that he thinks you’re ugly.

US dating site OkCupid compared the response volumes of 5000 members against the looks rating other members gave them.

It found that the more men disagreed about a woman’s looks, the more approaches she got.

University of Melbourne political science lecturer Dr Lauren Rosewarne said the paradox was explained by cost-benefit analysis.

“It’s a numbers game when a woman is considered conventionally attractive, men may feel that she will attract a lot of attention and competition.

“A man is working out his chances are better with a woman not considered conventionally attractive.”

Rosewarne said many people with unconventional taste went online to find their match.

“It is . . . no surprise that a woman whose looks would polarise in the real world would do well on-line . . . where many people actively look for difference.”