Warning: Warnings Ahead

Article by Tim Blair /
The Telegraph /
June 24, 2016 /
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Trigger warnings at Australian universities are even stupider than trigger warnings in the US and UK:

University students are being warned when classes contains graphic or sensitive content, including sexual abuse, rape and transgenderism, to protect their mental health.

Australian academics are issuing so-called “trigger warnings” for confronting material in classrooms at the start of each semester, and before classes, to give students the chance to opt out.

The problem is, many of them don’t:

University of Melbourne’s Dr Lauren Rosewarne, who teaches about gender and sexuality, has been warning students about potentially disturbing content since she started teaching 13 years ago …

Dr Rosewarne said students in the past two years have been increasingly “polic[ing] the language of lecturers”, and said she is frequently being scrutinised by students, who shout out corrections in the middle of lectures. 

That’s a paddlin’. Besides sexual abuse, rape and transgenderism, check out the ever-growing list of trigger-worthy topics:

La Trobe’s student union and the women’s officers at the University of Sydney issue warnings for content relating to classism, colonialism, Islamophobia, ableism, body image, child abuse, mental illness and weapons.

They go as far as warning students about content relating to needles, insects, food, pregnancy, eye contact, slimy things, skulls, vomit and blood.

I’m guessing none of these kids are studying medicine.

(Via Dave T., who emails: “I think this is evidence we need to scrap a lot of universities and rebuild from the ground up.  The only trigger warning I have ever worried about was when that guy pointed the M16 at my car in PNG.”)